Employee Advocacy & Brand Engagement Platform - made simple!


How-to Employee Advocacy

Keep it simple

With Sociuu at hand, you make your employee advocacy efforts simple, engaging and measurable.

When keeping it simple, you will experience that multi-channel content sharing will be effortless. 

Likewise, employees can quickly engage, and experience benefits from day one.

With an intuitive and personal approach, you will instantly see an increase in engagement and in return, you will gain insights about employee engagement and performance.

Sociuu engagement matters

Why Employee Advocacy?

Engagement matters

High employee brand engagement is key to high brand engagement amongst your existing and future customers, business partners and the talent you want to attract. 

With Employee Advocacy, you can involve and enable employees with your brand voice. Whether you are in Communication, HR, Marketing, Social Media, Sales or PR, you can use Sociuu to support your goals and KPI's.

Do you need to optimise your presences on social media ?

Is thought leadership on your agenda ? 

Do you want to add a new channel to capture quality leads ?

Are your employer branding/talent management efforts not performing as expected ?