Add users in Sociuu

Before you can share content with your colleagues, you have to upload users to Sociuu. This is done individually in the form or by uploading several new users by uploading a spreadsheet in CSV format as illustrated bellow.


All you need to upload is the user’s first name, last name and work email. Users can also be divided into one or more user groups that reflects your internal target audience to increase relevans. Add department to get individual department performance.

To upload individual users manually

To add individual users, press ‘Users’ in the header menu in Sociuu and fill out the ‘Add Users’ fields. If they are to be added to specific user groups afterwards, go to header menu ‘User Groups’ and add them manually to preferred groups or make a new group.

Upload several employees simultaniously

Import several users by uploading a spreadsheet in CSV format to Sociuu. This spreadsheet can also contain predefined user groups that the users shall belong to. See example bellow:

Sociuu userlist

Download example file

UpDate departments

Download (import/export in the menu) and update the user list column F with the departments the employees belong to and the department stats is activated. You will find the department stats under engagement in the menu.

Please note that any new groups added to column F will become a department. You are not able to send invitations to departments, only groups, so if you need a mailing list that resembles departments, you both have to fill out departments and groups.