CMP increases traffic from SoMe to web by +400%


Quick facts

17 clicks per share

44,2 % engagement

EMV DKK +100,000

Increased trafik from social media to web by 400% in two weeks

Sociuu outperforms paid and promoted posts

Capital Market Partners is a consultancy company, combining business know how, with technical knowledge and practical experience. CMP have highly skilled knowledge workers, so there were a need of extraordinary communication to reach potential customers, future talent and business partners.

Vast increase in traffic & employee engagement

After just 2 weeks of using Sociuu, CMP increased their traffic to web from SoMe by +400%. Further, employees really has adopted the effort proved by an avg. employee engagement of 43%. Shortly after Sociuu was introduced, there were no longer any need to spend money on paid advertisement and promoted posts on LinkedIn. Sociuu outperformed them and CMP stopped all paid hereafter.

ease of use in knowledgesharing

By activating the employees’ personal network, Sociuu made it much easier for CMP to brand themselves, as the knowledge-company they are and attract prospects and talents.

shortened learning curve for employees

By becoming an active participant using Sociuu, CMP employees feel they have become much better at communicating with their network.


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