How to create a post in Sociuu 

Sociuu content sharing
  1. Start by inserting a link

Sociuu insert link

Copy and paste URL/link into the box. Thumbnail images, headline and metadata is automatically included. This is the external presentation of the content so it is possible to choose or upload a different picture, edit headline or edit meta text.

2. Choose platform

Sociuu Social media networks

Choose one or more of your preferred social media platforms. Your preferences is included in your colleagues’ mails and will guides them to where the content is to be shared. 


Skærmbillede 2019-01-08 kl.jpg

Firstly, make sure that your landing pages are set up within your tag management system for the tracking to work correctly.

In Sociuu, you can then use the built-in tag management for Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Matomo (Piwik) - and in addition possibilities for custom tagging. Stats for content shared by employees can now seamlessly be included in the analytic tool by choice, and use cases are many:

  • Measure EA driven traffic from SoMe to Web

  • Include EA in the social media dashboard

  • Compare existing channels and campaigns with EA efforts

  • Adjust overall paid/organic based on data from EA

  • Get unique insights on performance on content and formats - And much more!

Skærmbillede 2019-01-08 kl. 11.46.47.png

Be aware that you can only tag owned content/landing pages to follow the traffic and thereby not third party content.

4. Post description

Skærmbillede 2018-12-10 kl. 13.19.47.png

Write a post titel and personal mail description to your colleagues. This will only be seen by your colleagues and is not included when sharing the content on social networks. 

5. Custom e-mail values

Sociuu custom email values

Custom email sender: write an eye catching email subject to increase the mail open rate.

Custom sender: Insert name if you send it on behalf of a colleague. Otherwise, you will appear as sender. 

Now you are ready to create post and invite colleagues to share…