Know your Dashboard

Your dashboard gives you a full overview of your employee advocacy performance. The system will automatically keep you updated on the latest post performance and the Sociuu team can also send you messages here if necessary.

Sociuu notifications
Sociuu dashboard

Unique invites - How many employees have been invited out of the uploaded user base. Note that this is affected by the time period you choose.

Total invites and posts - How many invitations and posts have been sent out in the selected period.

Groups invited - How many groups have been activated

Open - The open rate on all invitations sent out and the open rate percentage of total invites

Engagement - in relation to your unique invitations and total invites

Clicks - Total generated clicks from shared posts and per unique shared posts

EMV - The value of your clicks. Change the currency and values in settings so they reflect your click rates

Sociuu groups


See which of your groups are performing best and how the groups divide by engagement.

Go to group stats to see more about individual group and department performance.

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Adaption rate

Know how many of your invited employees are active each month. Place the curser on the dots and get the exact numbers. E.g. 65 out of 100 users (65%) have been active in may.

Frequency Ratio and Engagement

How much and how often do you share content. We see that the frequency influence engagement rates. When you have something to share, you engage.

Total engagement and trendline show you the development over time. The trendline indicates if the engagement is increasing or decreasing during the past year. Filter engagement by periods in ‘engagement insights’.

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