Adding a new admin 

Admins are able to access Sociuu to share content or see statistics.

1. Adding a new admin

Search for your colleague that needs admin access and grant it by clicking on the (···)

Sociuu admin

2. Send activation link

To invite new admins, choose ‘Send activation link’. To activate the admin account, the invited admin has to accept the invitation in the activation mail.

Sociuu admin

3. Activation mail

To access Sociuu, admins needs to activate account within 24 hours.

Skærmbillede 2019-01-10 kl. 14.29.09.png

4. Choose a password

Admin has to choose a personal password to enter the Sociuu employee advocacy platform

Sociuu password

Reset password, withdraw admin rights or Delete admin

If an admin has forgotten the password, other admins can reset password. Other admins can also withdraw admin rights.

Sociuu admin