Overall performance statistics 

In Sociuu you are both able to see individual post performance as well as you are can see total statistics based on shared posts.

Sociuu sharing

Posts performance

In the example above, 21 content pieces have been shared. These 21 posts have been shared 409 times and generated 2386 clicks. Clicks and shares are divided by social network to give an indication of which channels is preferred.


The engagement rate indicates how many employees are actively participating in sharing content and on which channels. It is also see or export user data to see how engagement is divided throughout the company.

Shares per post

‘Shares per post’ indicates how many times individual content pieces are shared.

Clicks per post

‘Clicks per post’ indicates how many clicks each sharing generates.

Clicks per shares

‘Click per shares’ indicates how many clicks a shared content pieces have generated

Earned social media value

Earned social media value indicates the value of the total generated clicks based on an average cost per click rate.

Date range

Sociuu sharing

Choose statistic date range to see specific content performance and engagement within a limited timeframe.