Post effectiveness Open Rate

In Sociuu, you can see your total engagement and open rate over time or select a period to see a filtered view. Place the curser on the bubbles and you will have a details description of invites, engagement and open rate.

· Bubble size: The large bubbles indicates the amount of invites: Large bubbles many invites, smaller bubbles few invites.

· Vertical axe: Engagement rate

· Horisontal axe: Open rate

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How to read the chart:

Top right corner (High engagement/High open rate) best performing content

Top left corner (High engagement/Low open rate) Resonates well internal, content may not be clickable e.g. video or it is not well received by the external audiences

Bottom right (Low engagement/High open rate) Resonates well externally but not internally

Bottom left (Low engagement/Low open rate) Is not well received by employees or audience