Rambøll Group

Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945. The company employs more than 13,000 experts globally and has especially strong representation in the Nordics, UK, North America, Continental Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

When starting up with employee advocacy I chased stakeholders for content - now they come to me asking to include their content in Sociuu
— Martin Zoffman, Communications Manager, Ramboll Water

rambøll water showed the way

As a +900 employees division in Rambøll Group, Rambøll Water was the first division to jump aboard Sociuu. Under the motto "Let`s start a party" -  Rambøll`s audiences should find it fun, interesting and relevant to digest Rambøll content on social media. The initial focus areas was set to be general awareness containing articles & news, employer branding, and thought leadership.

educating employees & stakeholders was essential

At early stages it was essential to educate both employees as well as key stake holders in the opportunities with employee advocacy - but also the limitations as employees and their professional networks is a channel with vast opportunities, thus fragile if not handled properly. The learning was that content relevance has to match employees field of work, interests and expertise to - again - match audiences in the employees professional networks.

going global in 2 weeks

Based on Rambøll Water`s success with Sociuu, it was rolled out globally within the Rambøll Group. In an organisation with +13.000 employees spread on many locations and business units it was vital for Rambøll that the platform could scale and cater according to their needs - which was fully possible with Sociuu. Within 2 weeks all employees were on-boarded, and +50 admins were trained and ready to post content and manage Sociuu.


Upsides with using Sociuu:

simple, engaging & measureable

As with any large corporation high employee engagement is vital to attract business & talents. To be able to create and sustain high employee engagement the efforts needs to tap naturally in to the workflow of employees - and not be hindered by yet another login, more or less useless app`s or other time consuming prerequisites required for employees to be able to engage. Sociuu has overcome this for Rambøll Group as it is designed based on simplicity in use - both for employees and admins. 

outstanding employee engagement rates

Rambøll has experienced very high employee engagement rates exceeding industry standards and benchmarks. Exercising "quality over quantity" content wise has contributed vastly to employees engagement, and doing that from the start has enabled them to sustain, and develop employee engagement rates.

outperforming corporate social media presences

Besides the branding, the presence and awareness created by actively involving employees in Rambøll`s social media efforts, employee advocacy has outperformed their corporate social media presences by length`s. However this was foreseen as the collected professional networks of Rambøll employees vastly exceeds their total number of company followers, and in combination employees can activate and boost content from Rambøll`s corporate web and social media presences. Likewise Rambøll is now -  and moving forward - seeing increased internal interest from HR, CSR and more business units wanting to join in on Sociuu to create employee engagement in their areas as well.