Sampension Administrationsselskab A/S provides administrative services to life insurance companies, pension funds and pension companies as well as general asset management services.

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Our efforts in keeping a high employee engagement is greatly supported by Sociuu. It`s a simple, intuitive and measurable way to engage our employees in our presences on social media
— Søren P. Espersen, Director Communication, Marketing & HR

not being first-movers on social has advantages

Sampension had not been "first-movers" on social media, as both maturity and the importance of having all employees along was more important than just doing something.

letting pension & finance experts be brand ambassadors

Sampensions knowledgable employees are pension and finance experts, with vast knowledge and deep insights. Matching that with branding on social media was a challenging task, and in order to make it happen it was vital that the stories and content was "on par", to create engagement amongst employees.

Upsides with using Sociuu:

Sampensions launch on facebook

Sampension saw a fit with Sociuu, as they were about to launch a facebook presence, and identified that involving employees would be beneficial. In doing so, it was easy to create internal awareness and participation by introducing Sociuu alongside Sampensions extended social media channels.

learning social media

Accordingly Sampension offered all employees LinkedIn training providing them with tips and how-to`s, which successfully has provided employees with confidence in how to "act" on social media professionally, and also when "dealing" with the brand - and using Sociuu to share relevant content with their professional networks.

sociuu quickly outperformed existing corporate communications channels

After 3-4 months of using Sociuu Sampension experienced that employee engagement was much higher than existing corporate communication channels. Many communication professionals struggle with maintaining employee engagement via these "traditional" channels: corporate mails, intranets etc. Sociuu matches corporate content with the employees field of work, expertise and interests thereby increasing relevance and engagement vastly. And by transforming content into an action - making it purposeful and easy to share - the effort is measurable and provides communications with valuable learnings on content formats and agendas.