Enough sketching!;-)

Finally, we are ready to launch Sociuu!

The idea of creating a tool where employees can "spread the word" about their company on social media, came to life in 2015, and since then we haven`t looked back.

Features and functions have been added - and scrapped - and then added again;-) But, it was an easy process as we all agree that simplicity in using Sociuu is our highest priority, and we believe that we have achieved just that!

Further we have proven, that going beyond the ambition of getting "likes" and "followers", into putting real people behind corporate social media content, and thereby increasing engagement with target groups drastically, is a formula that sticks!

Thanks to friends, family - and our combined network whom tirelessly have tested Sociuu, almost to NASA standards! Much appreciated;-)

So here it is - try it, buy it, and let the magic of "sociuulizing" help your SoMe efforts.

Michael SoerensenComment