Report:How your employees are using SoMe @Work

We set out to find out how SoMe is used workrelated amongst employees


To little surprise, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter are the most prevalent SoMe`s amongst employees. Just a bit over half of your employees are active in sharing your company`s content - but the ones doing it seems to have a well defined purpose.

Though some of the efforts are leaning into the more `introvert` approach (60% - "to be in the know in my line of business).

People are not really happy with your company`s social media content. 78 % rates it 1-3 on a scale of 1-5, when asked how it fits their work related needs - and 40% indicates that they will share company content when "It fits their purpose" or if "they find it interesting"!. So combined, this cocktail is not a winner!

But, perhaps it`s because that they are unaware of your SoMe activities ? 59% indicates that they either "have no clue" ranging to "they think that they know" about your activities!

There is hope! If sharing company content was easy and efficient, and it proves to support employees in their work, 79% pledges to share more company content! And, your employees takes social business seriously: 81 % indicates that social media is important for business now and in the future.

On the bright side, there is enthusiasm and motivation amongst your employees to support your SoMe efforts - but there are work to be done!;-) Check out the raw results of the survey below - and if inspired we`ll be happy to set up a custom survey for your company - free of charge! You can opt in for that at the end of the post. Happy reading!


The mostly used social media @work:

(Based on multiple choice)

#1 LinkedIn (77%)

#2 Facebook (51%)

#3 Twitter (25%)

#4 Instagram (12%)

#5 Pinterest (9%)

# 6 Other (8%)

Your employees key areas of interest:

(Based on multiple choice)

#1 To "be in the know" in my line of business (60%)

#2 To share company content (57%)

#3 To influence target audiences (38%)

#4 To get leads! (38%)

#5 To attract key opinion leaders (29%)

#6 Employer branding (29%)

#7 Other (6%)

How effective does your employees think that your company social media content fits their needs?

(When asked on a scale of 1-5. 1: "it sucks!" - 5:"Phenomenal!")

Average rating: 2,95

78% answered within 1-3 - 22% gave it 4 - no one hit "phenomenal"...

When asked: Does your company have guidelines/policies for using social media @work:

Yes: 63%

No: 37%

How often do employees share company content on SoMe?

#1 "When the content fits my purpose" (40%)

#2 "If I find it interesting" (29%)

#3 "When I stumble upon it" (11%)

#4 "Always! Everything gets shared" (8%)

#5 "Never!" (5%)

#6 "Only if I am asked to do it" (3%)

...unanswered (4%)

How aware are employees about their company`s social media presence?

#1 41% are "Totally aware"

#2 24% says: "Most of them - I think..."

#3 17% are quite picky and goes with: "The ones that matter to me"

#4 13% Laggards?! - "Not really - some of them.."

#5 5% are in the blur: "No clue"

Would you share more company content if it was easy & efficient - and could support you in your work?

(Totally biased - but hey - it´s a fair question;-)

Yes: 79%

No: 21%

How important do employees think that social media is for business now - and in the future?

On a scale from 1-5  with 5 being highest the avg. rating is 4,16 - and the individual scores are:

5: 38%

4: 43%

3: 16%

2: 0%

1: 3%

If this inspired you to do your own survey on the topic, just get in touch and we`ll handle it for you free of charge ;-)