Employee Advocacy:Introducing "clicks per employee"!

How we got 65 survey respondents in 48 hours through 6 employee advocates.

Last week we set out to find out how employees are using Social Media at work. So we set up a quick survey on Typeform, and asked 14 of our employees via Sociuu,  to share the survey on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

This happened within 48 hours:

The survey was shared 20 times by 6 employees (8 on Facebook, 1 on twitter and 11 on LinkedIn).

It generated 135 clicks.

65 respondents completed the survey - and 45% left their email to receive the report.

The "click per employee" effect

Or, let´s just call it CPE;-) In this case the avg. CPE is 135/6=22,5. And the avg. conversion rate per. employee is 65/6=10,9.  So 1 employee advocate brought us 22,5 clicks on the campaign, and each got apx. 11 people to complete the survey - and almost half of the respondents left their email.

How & Why:

We examined how & why we could reach these figures so rapidly - and the key findings were;

  • The employees that shared, all had a work related interest in the subject/content.

  • The content was relevant, well designed and self explanatory, so sharing was swift and easy.

  • Each employee could follow the progress in Sociuu - both on their personal effort and the overall stats.

  • Trustworthiness was high as the content presented both a benefit for the sharing employee as well as the respondents.

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