SoMe - are your employees your biggest fans?

If not, you have a problem - and an opportunity!

Your employees plays an important role in succeeding with with your SoMe efforts;

  • They are living your brand 24/7.

  • Their content are perceived as more trustworthy than paid/corporate content.

  • Employees content is not filtered on SoMe, which paid/corporate content is.

84% of people trust recommendations from people they know while only 15% trust recommendations from brands.
— (Gartner via Neal Shaffer & PeopleLinx)
70% of customer brand perception is determined by experience with people.
— (Ken Irons via Neal Shaffer & PeopleLinx )
It has been shown that leads developed through employee social marketing convert 7x more frequently than other leads.
— (IBM via Neal Shaffer & PeopleLinx)

The opportunity!

An employee holds in average 1476  "friends, connections & followers", based on stats from LinkedIn (930), Facebook (338) and Twitter (208).

So ie. 300 employees represents a total employee driven SoMe channel of 442.800 possible leads & customers, future employees, KOL`s and much more.

Added to that, this channel proves a much higher rate of interaction than paid/corporate content which opens up a very substantial and unused potential.

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