Employee Advocacy:Empowering your employees!

Business has become more and more social.

Networking, abilities to influence and build professional relationships, are key ingredients to success.

And one of the key players are your employees!

Companies put great efforts - and cash - in promoting and sustaining their social media presences. So how can you empower your employees to support your efforts, and gain important influence and relationships with prospects and customers ?

Firstly, you need to visualize the "what´s in for me" to your employees - which is quite straight forward:

#1:Personal network growth

Employees are constantly seeking to expand their professional network. They all ready check in to LinkedIn on a daily - or even hourly - basis to discover new relationships, prospects and quality content. 

#2:Professional image

Make sure that you have requisites in place to support your employees professional image on social media, as it is an essential driver for them to engage in presenting and promoting their workspace.

#3:Great content!

Content is king! Accurate, appealing and up-to-date content is the fuel that will motivate employees to share and create professional dialogues with your audiences. And it has to be served in a structured and easy accessable way.


A reward in itself. Recognition from colleagues, peers, network and customers are key drivers for employees. All social media has built-in recognition: re-shares, likes, comments et al - which all accumulates with high engagement rates.


Simply to be able to have a positive influence in your company`s performance and brand, by sharing company content, is actually something employees care about.


That`s the checklist to empower your employees!

If you are home free on all 5 - happy days! If not, you might wan`t to consider looking into an employee advocacy platform, to assist you, and your employees!

First step could be to book a 20 min. online demo: