SoMe:Is your content ready for employee advocacy?

If you are considering - or have decided - to go for employee advocacy to support your corporate SoMe efforts, you should make sure that you content is "ready"!

Content is king in getting - and sustaining - your employees motivation and engagement. Overall It must reflect your employees perception of your company and your brand, and it has to be relevant and easy to share. 

There are many pitfalls, but this checklist should help you avoid most of them;

CMS/Publishing tools: Make sure that what you are creating is "shareable" on SoMe. Even though you can publish it on your website or blog does`nt necessarily mean that it`s good to go for Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Most SoMe`s scrape the living daylight out of shared URL`s, and if you forget to add proper designated metadata (thumbnails, header etc.) you could end up with oversized logos (or none at all) accompanied by some rubbish text.

Example: Quite a large Bank, quite blurry logo - but hey; "grab a beer"!?


Employer branding/recruitment: Most HR management systems these days offers the opportunity to automatically share vacancies on SoMe. But alas - the majority simply put a boring plain text box out there - and in worst cases a gibberish link to some odd place on the internet where no one really wants to go...

Example 1: Some danish company want`s to hire a robot technician - first test is to click the longest URL ever seen....

Skærmbillede 2016-05-03 kl. 22.14.26.png

Example 2: These guys haven`t really streched their graphic capabilities - but why bother when "Miracle search and headhunting" is on the case...

Activating your key audience: SoMe holds great opportunities to activate your hard earned followers and key audiences. One way of doing that - and potentially attracting new fans - is to publish and share your presence on fairs, events and such - and even throw in an invitation;-) Nevertheless, if you seek to get any attention from anyone, don`t do like this!

Example: Could`nt bother to put in a logo, could`nt bother to tell that giants like Microsoft, Google and Facebook are sponsoring the event...

I am afraid that above scenarios and examples are quite prevalent on SoMe. And they are not even the worst examples that I could come up with.

So lesson learned:

If you are considering the assistance of your skillful employees to support your SoMe efforts via employee advocacy, first step is to check up, overhaul and prone your content quality - and accordingly make sure that guidelines are in place, so that you keep your brand up to standards.

Actually a good question to ask oneself is:

"Would i ask our employees to share this?"

Get in touch if you`re up for more on this!