Employee experience determines customer experience

We all want happy customers, and in this algorithm, happy and content employees play a vital role. Only through happy employees, you will have satisfied customers. But employee experience is more than great coffee machines.


Survey after survey show that companies with high customer satisfaction have 60 percent more engaged employees. This relationship between employees and customers generate high ROI for the company. This is proven by companies investing in employee experience are 4 times more profitable than those that do not.  

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There is more to it. Companies with high employee satisfaction and engagement also attract qualified talent, are more innovative and are more likely to be an rewarded as an attractive place to work because they offer a workspace and culture where people want, not just need, to go to work every day.

“Happy wife, happy life”

Just as the saying goes “happy wife, happy life” - “happy employee, happy customer”. One key requirement for engaging employees is company culture. So, a place to start is to evaluate how your company culture is fostering customer experience. 

Company cultures are too often not reaching much further than the office walls. For instance, highly competitive corporate cultures may be working well internally for employees to hit targets, but it does not translate very well externally and adds no benefits to the customers. Company culture depends equally much of employee satisfaction and engagement as customers’ inclusiveness.

Relationships outweigh brands

Inclusiveness equally involves employees and customers and the foundation for this are their relationship. The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer indicate the largest drop in trust not just in public personas but also in businesses and institutions. However, we still tend to trust other people. Smart companies use this to their advantage by creating deeper relationship to employees by improving communication and engagement strategies. 

As company ambassadors, employees play a direct role in influencing the customer experience. With new technologies and social media, employees are no longer disconnected from the brand development. The opposite is actually the case, they are more involved in telling the brand story than ever before. By allowing employees to advocate on behalf of the company, they are being empowered rather than being disconnected. A connectivity that generates great value for them selves as well as for the company. 


How is employee advocacy reflecting on employee experience?

We are all, more or less, advocating on behalf of our companies. We brag about our successes, showcase projects, trade fairs, customer stories and so on. Most of the time, we do it person to person, as there is still uncertainty about wether it is allowed to bring these stories online and out in the public.

We want to hear your stories, your successes and struggles. With employee advocacy programmes in place it would even be legitimised and show the direction for what stories  that create value, on which channels and timing. With employee advocacy, you also create a space where company culture can reach beyond the office walls and create the inclusiveness with customers and prospects that we are longing for. Employee advocacy can of cause not stand alone but it is an opportunity to increase employee and customer engagement. 

Are you measuring employee experience?

It is not possible to improve what you do not measure as well as it is impossible to improve when you do not know how to improve. Employee advocacy is just one way to see employee engagement and when employee and customer experiences are measured, employees naturally want to improve their efforts. 

Customer experience is everyones responsibility and placing both employees and customers together at the center there is a greater harmoni in understanding what customers want, when they want it and how they want it and how employees can deliver this.

Considering how employee advocacy can take shape in you company - do not hesitate to contact us and together we can explore the possibilities in engaging employees.