3 steps to successful employee advocacy

sociuu successful employee advocacy

1 Ensure high employee engagement 

By making advocacy a natural part of the workflow, you will instantly see high engagement rates. We often meet too high expectations to employees’ voluntary contributions and content creation when introducing employee advocacy. Unfortunately humans are by nature against increasing workloads and unfamiliarities, and it is therefore harmfull to any employee advocacy programme when it is introduced as extra work.

To ensure high employee engagement tap into a familiar workflow. With tools such as Sociuu, you engage colleagues by sending them personal emails with content suggestions and thereby tapping into their daily flow. Content sharing is then not only served in a familiar way, relevant and easy to share, it is also personally shared with you as a respective colleague. 

2 Generate traffic with great content

A good content mix is also vital to any employee advocacy programme. Content volume is however not necessarily the best way forward because it is more likely that content is shared when it is relevant. 

For employee advocacy, it is not enough to know your external target audiences, you also have to know your colleagues’ expertise and interests. When content is relevant it will increasingly generate clicks and shares. By focusing on creating relevant content, you will increase traffic to those landing pages that is associated with the content e.g. blog, video, websites and so forth.  

3 Measure to sustain

It is possible to have employee advocacy programmes that is not monitored. However, it then becomes impossible to measure and report on the effects that the initiative causes.

To successfully expand and monitor employee advocacy, a platform will keep you on track. It also allows you to encourage and share content specifically with those who find it relevant. In that way you will create a sustainable employee advocacy programme with a constantly high internal and external engagement. 

Get guided through employee advocacy

Let’s walk you through the benefits and pitfalls of employee advocacy - Reach out to us and we will introduce you to how we succeed with employee advocacy. 

Josephine Eilersen