A Thought Leader feeds you answers

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By Josephine Eilersen, Sociuu

A Thought Leader feeds you answers

Thought leadership content tap into talent, experience, passion and knowledge of businesses and consistently address questions and industry trends. As a thought leader you provide answers in formats that your audience like to consume and thereby target the audience on a particular topic. These answers do not necessarily have to be one of a kind. Often, we search for the right answers, we search to qualify our point of view. We ‘just’ want to be enlighten with solid argument based on facts to supported us in our daily work. 


As a thought leader you probably have the same opinions as your peers. However, you should always differentiate with your own unique format, point of view, as well as you can differentiate with your visual approach. But mostly, you differentiate by consistency helping your customers with different types of answers. With a content plan that systemises your presence in external media it is possible to tailor content to fit several channels at once. It is not necessary to have a daily appearance but frequently enough to be regarded relevant and an active authority.

Consistency matters 

As thought leader, you share your expert thoughts, insights and unique viewpoints. From a business perspective, this demonstrates the business’ expertise and a powerful newsfeed is necessary to share our leading ideas. Both from a personal and business perspective, this creates opportunities to engage with other influencers, peers and customers and to shape the agenda and address challenges in the industry. 

A strong professional network

It does not have to be a big network but it comes down to your personal relationship and time invested in it. It is about people. People want to talk to people, not brands. Content that is keyword-optimised with a clear message, cause and call to action that are supported by a solid base of employee advocates, your company and experts provide insights to exactly that audience that you intend to influence. By consistently posting relevant, valuable and authentic content, your digital networks will expand organically.

Why are thought leadership so important for businesses? 

Because we trust experts. Employees’ and especially technical experts’ trustworthiness reach far higher than brands and organisations. There are more to it. Thought leaders address industry challenges and provide answers. These new professional relationships will strength both your own professional brand as well as it will reflect positively on the company.

Thought leadership is not promotion

This is not an opportunity to promote products and services. This is knowledge sharing. Thought leadership can be a strategically substantial element of a marketing strategy. However, momentum both for the thought leader and reader is lost when it is used for promotion. Thought leadership is founded on ideas, not products specifications.

Shape the customer journey

A possible purpose with thought leadership is to influence and shape the customer journey at an early stage. To do this list your industry challenges and prioritise them. Start answering the most pressing questions your audience have in multiple formats and multiple channels. Strive to offer the best answers to your audience questions. 

Be ready

A position as a thought leader in more than what content and which answers you deliver. It is business. First, align the messages that the thought leader is delivering to the position the business want to achieve. Then actively involve and include all employees in supporting the thought leader(s). With employee advocates, you make sure that you reach an audience with a personal relation to business. And maybe most importantly, active thought leaders should ultimately derive attention towards the business. This means that the business should to be able to deliver when customers reach out to them. Otherwise, all the attention just becomes noise.

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