Are your employees in the back row - or front row - on social media?

It’s not faithin technology.It’s faithin people. (7).png

Competition amongst companies to make an impact - and business - on social media is fierce, and it calls for even bigger budgets and saavyness to stay where the action is. Corporate organic reach is declining, and algorithms are constantly changed only to put more workload and cost on companies in order to keep up. As consumers and professionals we are ad-blocking like never before, de-following corporate presences due to poor content or spam like ads, and we are in general focussing on quality over quantity when consuming content.

It`s getting personal!

When deciding for a career change or deciding which vendor to choose we want to speak to - and hear from - existing employees, read company and/or product reviews, build relations before we decide, and we expect readiness from the company - and the employees -  for these "conversations".

In other words; We expect that all employees can “tell the story”, and that the brand experience we get is universal.

Getting your employees from the back row -  to the front row!

You cannot buy your tickets to the front row - but you can earn it by rolling out employee advocacy in your company. At Sociuu we are working with 6 pillars of introducing employee advocacy successfully;


1.Employee Brand Engagement

Employees understanding the brand and the DNA of the company are more engaged - if they are involved in the brand - and kept up to date on the brand strategy.

2.Employer Branding

Finding the best talents through "traditional" corporate efforts just does`nt cut it any more! Your future employees wants to talk to your existing employees before making a move.

3.Thought Leadership

Thought Leaders - or employee influencers - are a strong asset, especially for knowledge driven company`s - and employee advocacy is the perfect setting to get your thought leadership program on it`s way. 


Employees holds access to vast qualitative networks ready to be engaged with your content - and content shared by employees has much higher authenticity and trustworthiness.

5.Social Selling

Tell - don`t sell;-) Employee Advocacy provides your customer faced employees with a steady flow of quality content to support your social selling efforts.

6.Social Recruitment

Increase and optimize employee referral hires with Employee Advocacy and create a shortened - and much less expensive - recruitment process! 

So - if you want to start earning your front row seats then book a free workshop right here, and we`ll introduce you to employee advocacy and Sociuu;