TIP Trailer Services and Sociuu go global



TIP Trailer Services have launched a company wide brand ambassador program in partnership with the leading employee advocacy platform Sociuu.

Employee involvement and engagement is key

“With TIP Trailer's thousands of skilled employees, it is vital to ensure they are involved in sharing TIP’s story to our customers, partners and of course future employees”, says Marc Aandeweg, VP Sales & Marketing.

“Social media, as a marketing and communication channel, has become a vital part of TIP’s access to talent, customers and partners, but also an excellent opportunity to tell ‘who we are and what we do’. In this way, we encourage employees to share TIP news among their personal network, which will increase the brand awareness on our products, but also show everyone why it is great to work for TIP”. 

“We believe that our strongest asset in the brand community are our employees, especially since they are in day-to-day contact with our customers, and have accumulated knowledge about our business which goes way beyond what we are able to do from a corporate point of view”.

Nordic led the way

Before going global, the brand ambassador program was run in TIP’s Nordic region, led by Gitte Holm, Marketing Director Nordic.

“With Sociuu, it is very simple and easy to get the brand ambassador program launched, and our employees quickly got the hang of it” says Gitte.

“Within a short period of time, we have seen great results and a whole palette of benefits in engaging our employees - employer branding, PR and press, events and marketing - but foremost, it has been very encouraging to witness the great adoption and engagement from our employees, which is vital to run a successful brand ambassador program”.

Bold companies win on social media

TIP has worked very closely with Sociuu, not only by using their employee advocacy platform, but also by tapping into Sociuu’s knowledge and experiences from similar brand ambassador programs.

“Tip Trailer Services stands out to me as a very bold and visionary company”, says Michael Soerensen, CEO, Sociuu.

“One could argue, viewing TIP’s line of business, that they would not be first movers in employee advocacy and brand ambassadorship, however, benefitting from employee advocacy is really not about what you do - it is about the people that do it”.

“Whilst working with TIP, I have been met by a ‘can do’ attitude and culture - and adding such an optimistic culture to a brand ambassador program is bound to be successful”.

“I am looking forward to working with TIP on this - and in my opinion, with this move, they have already won from a social media perspective in their line of business”.


Media contact

Michael F. Sørensen, CEO

+45 53571608