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Like yours, most companies takes their employees’ voices on social media very seriously and it is increasingly accepted to be a corporate advocate also during work hours. Today, employee advocacy is more than just a buzzword. We do not seek an explanation of what employee advocacy is anymore, we want to know ‘how’. 


This is why we during the first part of ’18 facilitated #HowTo events, and we want to share some of our learnings. But firstly, we want to thank everyone who actively participated in the events and welcoming all new Sociuu users.  

At the event with Rambøll, a global engineering consultancy, they explained how they started a party where it is fun to share, relevant and insightful to read, social content. They see an increase in engagement and social actions and they have a high return on investment and high earned social media value. Their way of on-boarding their employees was key to success and they are now globally working with employee advocacy to stay relevant and close to customers and prospects. Do you want to read the full event case, read more about it here…

At Kammeradvokaten/Advokatfirmaet Poul Schmith, a public and private law firm, employee advocacy is a natural development of their ambassador’s programme. With EA, they have seen an increase in rank on social in comparison to competitors. Generally, their line of business see huge potential in EA for talent attraction, customer retention and brand awareness. For them, it is important that everyone knows the purpose and that the individual employee takes responsibility and make it their priority because this affect engagement both internally and externally. You can read their employee advocacy learnings here…

Sampension, a pensionfund, underline that the content formats is carefully considered to fit employees sharing. The identification with the content is important to drive engagement and to keep momentum. At the event, they also explained that as many of their employees are not ‘generation X’ and digitally born, they offer training and webinars. This is also to keep developing social media skills and takes away insecurities about online behaviour. Here, you can read more about how they why they started their employee advocacy programme

Michael Sorensen, CEO, also participated as key note speaker at an employee advocacy event hosted by Mynewsdesk. This event showed the many abilities employee advocacy has and here we had the chance to address some concerns about planning and maintaining momentum. 

We think that employee should be simple, safe and measurable, but it is both internal and external engagement that is the driving force. This event was followed by two inhouse events on thought leadership. We see that many consider how their colleagues are positioned as thought leaders. This event focuses on the initial stepping stones, planning and stakeholders to take into account in the process.

In Aarhus, Michael Sørensen, was invited to be key note speaker at Envision. As a solid advertising & communication bureau, their clients see great potential in supporting their communication efforts with employee advocacy. The event gave them a thorough understanding of how to grasp employee advocacy  

At Odense Robotics, Josephine Eilersen, Sociuu key note speaker, attended a HR event where we deliberated the use cases of employee advocacy. As a cluster organisation, they represent a thought leading industry with global influence. Generally, HR are taking more responsibility for employee advocacy as they learn to create more diversified and engaging content.

We hope that you are inspired - I know we are really excited about our endeavors for the remaining 2018. Join our journey or participate in our upcoming employee advocacy management and strategy events. See dates and sign up here.