Knowledge do not make you indespendable - but sharing it does...


Having worked with implementing Employee Advocacy in several knowledge driven companies, I have experienced that these companies has a great culture in sharing knowledge internally, but doing so externally has really been a challenge for many.

Barriers have foremost been that the accumulated knowledge is perceived as the company’s greatest asset, and by sharing it externally the value would plunge.

This assumption is rooted in many knowledge driven companies thinking that they are indespendable because of their knowledge. That it is their main business driver, and the reason for their customers to consult them - and talents wanting to join them.

The value of your companys knowledge is equal to your ability in sharing it.

Limiting knowledge sharing to be internal only, will limit your ability to create new business, maintain existing customers and attract the best talents.

Todays buyers and talents expects potential suppliers and employers to be transparent, and by not sharing who you are, what you know and why you do what you do, will evidently disqualify you in their eyes.

Put yourself to the test!

Assume the scenario that you are the potential buyer or talent, and test if your company website, presences on social media et al leaves you with a transparent view of your company ?

Does it represent and tell the story that you as an employee know it?

Would it be a company that you would be confident in doing business with - or work for? Go further and check out the similar on a couple of your competitors for comparison.

Corporate branding doesn’t create a sharing culture

Companies realising that they are loosing behind in catering customers and talents with transparency often “panics”, and turn to corporate branding to make a quick-fix.

Outcome is unfortunately in many cases an half-hearted attempt in corporately “branding” the company as fully transparent without nothing to show for it.

Let your people share & tell your story

If a sharing culture is to be created, the first ones to turn to is your people - your employees. Without them, your brand & your story will lack trustworthiness and authenticity. And the great news is: They’ll be happy to share ;-)

Get started!

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