What's employee advocacy?

Companies are continuously struggling for awareness. Social media are important channels to communicate with prospects, customers and other stakeholders in their industry in a personal manner. There is an ongoing fight for attention between competitors and they are trying to figure out how to get the word out about their companies, products and services. The problem is that people want to talk to people not brands. 


What is meant by employee advocacy?

Ads, paid reviews, content marketing are also important tactics but word of mouth is still the strongest reference and recommendation a company can receive - this exchange of experience depends on person to person or peer to peer relations and that is why employees are so essential for the customer experience.

How does employee advocacy work?

We are increasingly seeking answers and reviews online and word of mouth is highly exchanged online too. Employee advocacy is a unique opportunity to make the customer journey personal already in the research phase and employee advocacy is the obvious go-to-tactic for for brand building, awareness and experience.

Employee advocacy depends and the employee experience

Employee advocacy is highly depending on relevans as well as the employee speaks with an authentic voice. To be relevant, employees should focus on their experiences and expertise and communicate in the formats that their network prefer e.g. white papers, articles, video, podcasts, short stories with images. 

Why employee advocacy is important

An employee advocacy programme supports employees in their efforts to communicate with their network. To many, it seems to be a content marketing strategy where employees brands their employer. However, this is a benefit for the employer; however, there is also many personal benefits for the employee. It reflects positively on their personal brand and expertise, they have influence on the brand narrative and perception as well as there is evidence that employees whom are active on social media outperform colleagues who remain passive. 

Choosing a employee advocacy platform

A platform should fist and foremost support employees in their social media activities while providing employee advocacy administrators data and insights on performance, engagement and ROI. Choosing a tool that is simple to use and can maintain employee engagement is essential because it makes it a natural part of the daily workflow and in not seen as an additional workload. Make it fun to share!

Employee advocacy solutions

Working closely with both small businesses and large corporations that seek international influence, we have solid experience with employee advocacy. Contact us to be introduced to the possibilities and solutions applying Sociuu to your employee advocacy programme.