Sociuu includes external analytics!


Sociuu includes external analytics in latest product update!

Besides our comprehensive in-tool analytics like employee engagement rate, earned media value etc., Sociuu now comes with built-in tag management for Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Matomo (Piwik) - and in addition possibilities for custom tagging.

Stats for content shared by employees can now seamlessly be included in the analytic tool by choice, and use cases are many;

Measure EA driven traffic from SoMe to Web

Include EA in the social media dashboard

Compare existing channels and campaigns with EA efforts

Adjust overall paid/organic based on data from EA

Get unique insights on performance on content and formats

And much more!

Sociuu customers gets the advantages of including EA!

Our customers have all ready benefitted from being early adopters of employee advocacy - and now their head start will further distance them positively from the competition, as they can go even deeper with their analytics. They have all ready experienced great results - for example CMP, that increased their traffic from SoMe to Web with +400 %, or Danish leading law firm Kammeradvokaten where reach, engagement and visibility on social media increased by more than 20%  - and the organic engagement has vastly outperformed paid and sponsored content. From the employer branding and recruitment side, this case with global engineering company Rambøll accumulated +2000 clicks on the landing pages and more than 50% of the invited employees shared the campaigns with their personal network.

Keeping it simple!

With this product update we`ll continue our mantra “Employee Advocacy - Made Simple!”, and still focus on the two essential components of succesful employee advocacy: Employee Engagement & Business Impact. To us they are the foundation to establish and sustain EA.

Get to know more & how!

If you want to know more & how to involve all your employees in your brand - get in touch and we`ll be happy to talk opportunities and give you a demo of Sociuu;-)

Michael Soerensen