User performance

When employees have been uploaded, you can trak their individual engagement and activities. Here you can also add individual users, or edit them. Use the search function to find the user you are looking for.

Sociuu users

Download all user stats. You will receive an e-mail with the report. Check your spam filters if it didn’t reach you.

Users and Engagement stats

User stats can also be seen in relation to each other in engagement statistics. Here, you can see engagement based on unique invitations and frequency. Place the curser over the dots and it expands. The frequency chart shows you the individuals’ performance in in relation to how many invitations they receive.

Sociuu engagement

How to read the charts

Total engagement development: in may (5/19), +24% of the 8264 invited shared content.

Engagement/Frequency e.g. 121 employees have been invited more than 5 times, share 4 times.